Haute Bodhi Yoga & Pilates | Class rates and pricing

Haute Bodhi Yoga & Pilates, nestled in the vibrant heart of Washington DC, provides an unparalleled hot yoga experience. The studio champions the transformative essence of yoga and pilates, positioning them as tools to tap into one’s innate potential. At Haute Bodhi, enthusiasts can immerse themselves in a myriad of stimulating classes, tailored to rejuvenate the body and refresh the mind. Each session is meticulously crafted to realign the body, reshape one’s perspective, and steer individuals towards a state of radiant equilibrium.

The unique feature of Haute Bodhi is its emphasis on practicing yoga in a heated environment. This approach not only elevates the heart rate but also enhances muscle flexibility, fortifies metabolism, and expels toxins from the body. Whether your goal is to achieve greater flexibility, weight loss, muscle toning, or simply to unwind, the 26&2 Yoga at Haute Bodhi emerges as an excellent choice. Moreover, the euphoric wave of endorphins post-class ensures you leave feeling invincible, ready to conquer any challenge.

Under the guidance of seasoned instructors, every class at Haute Bodhi becomes a transformative odyssey of self-exploration. It beckons participants to kindle their inner zeal and discover their optimal rhythm.

Embark on this exhilarating journey with us. Opt for a single class or embrace our diverse membership options, tailored to accommodate your preferences and schedule. Dive into this dynamic and welcoming community, and let’s co-create a symphony of wellness together!

Annual Memberships


Up Front Annual Payment, No Contract
$ 1,999 Yearly
Best deal!

Auto-Renew Unlimited Membership

12 Monthly Payments
$ 169 Monthly


New Students

New Students Only
$ 69 One Time Fee
Unlimited Classes for 30 Days
  • Valid ID required for new students

5 Class Package

Buy As Often As You Need
$ 149 3 Month Expiration

Can take any class​


10 Class Package

Buy as Often as You Need
$ 299 4 Month Expiration
Can take any class

One Month Unlimited

$ 229 1 Month
Can take any class

Three Month Membership

$ 459 3 Months

Can take any class


20 Classes

$ 529 9 Month Expiration
Can take any class


Student/ Senior/ Military

Choose Any Class You Like
$ 33
  • Expires 7 Days from Purchase

    Valid ID Required
Drop In

Drop-In Single Class

Choose Any Class You Like
$ 39
  • Expires 7 Days from Purchase
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