Haute Bodhi Yoga & Pilates Instructor Staff in Tennlytown

Maggie Doctors Managing Director & Owner

Maggie is a dedicated yogi and guiding force at Haute Bodhi Hot Yoga. She assumed the role of owner and community steward in 2016 and has brought many exciting new classes, workshops, and instructors to Haute Bodhi. Maggie started practicing Bikram Yoga in 2009 at the urging of many friends who promised that the practice could alleviate the pain she experienced in her knees and back. The practice quickly began to change her body and mind, and only two, short years later, with healthy, knees and back, she headed to LA for Bikram Yoga Teacher Training. The intensive 500-Hour certification was a challenge that allowed her to delve deeper into her practice, and also begin to let go of many emotional blocks she had held onto since childhood. Maggie has been teaching Bikram Yoga consistently since 2011. In 2015, Maggie began a new yoga journey and became Bhakti Flow certified with her teacher Gopa Rusty Wells. She continues to train with Rusty and the Bhakti Flow family. Always open to learning new movement modalities, Maggie was certified in Inferno Hot Pilates in 2016 and Buti Yoga in 2017. Maggie is approachable and a great listener. Having experienced miraculous healing through yoga, she can easily relate to many types of physical and emotional trauma. Feel free to reach out to Maggie, as she is always happy to assist you on your yogic path.

Tamara Lowengrub

As a dual sport varsity athlete in college, Tamara is no stranger to demanding physical activity. However, mindfulness wasn’t a huge part of her swimming and running regiments. In May 2012, Tamara took her first hot yoga class and was inspired. Since then she has completed training for Inferno Hot Pilates, Yin, and a 200-hour RYT vinyasa course. and Hot Yoga Capital Hill’s 26&2 200-Hour RYT Teacher Training! When not at the studio taking or teaching classes, you can find her on the pool deck coaching swimming for adults and children. And if she is not at the studio or at the pool, she is at Costco shopping for her husband, 4 children and a puppy!

Whitney Hosein

AWhitney is a yoga instructor, meditation guide, scientist and level I reiki practitioner. She had her first yoga class at the tender age of 11, mainly pranayama and meditation, to help navigate various chronic health conditions. Her best friend introduced her to 26&2 in the summer of 2005 during a trip to West Palm Beach, barely a month after major invasive surgery. Whit took to the practice like a fish to water and knew that she would be doing this for the rest of her life.
While she didn’t make it back to a hot room until 2012, she maintained a weekly practice throughout college, thanks to P90X. After deciding not to attend med school, she threw herself fully into the Bishnu Gosh lineage, practicing up to thrice daily and placing 2nd and 1st regionally in the 2013 and 2014 International Yoga Championships. Her interest in transitions, formal education in proprioception, and tendency toward tapas (Sanskrit: austerity) led her to Ashtanga yoga and many a workshop with Kino MacGregor.
She values each lineage and the empowerment they reveal, and at the behest of her fellow practitioners, became certified in Ashtanga in 2015. She has taught and studied internationally and continues to expand her repertoire through daily experience, self-inquiry, and continued education. Her classes are challenging, dynamic, and playful, an invitation to venture to the edge and glimpse the boundlessness of Being. Her instruction is additionally informed by Ayurveda and Jyotish so that this sacred tradition can be honored and decolonized.

Lauren Leighton

Lauren began her teaching journey in 2010 with Bikram Yoga and has since expanded her repertoire with vinyasa, prenatal, hot and mat Pilates. She owned a yoga studio in San Diego before moving back to the East Coast, where she now lives with her husband and 2 stepchildren. Her life has been completely transformed by yoga, and her passion for the practice comes through in her light-hearted and playful teaching style.

Jeris Quinn

Jeris is a yoga teacher, fascial stretch therapist, sound healer, and energy medicine practitioner based in the DMV area. Jeris began teaching movement from an early age as a martial arts instructor and found yoga after breaking his neck and back in a motorcycle accident.
His classes are a deep dive into the science of yoga, natural movement, and biomechanics. Jeris teaches biotensegrity-focused movement and mobility classes where emphasis is placed on organization, activation, and stabilization patterns. He has a somatic and interoceptive approach to teaching and a wealth of knowledge and experience that draws from the worlds of barefoot athletics, sports rehab, and movement science. If you take a class with Jeris, you will learn how to move your body, not just practice yoga!
In 2019 Jeris founded TeslaStretch LLC, a biohacking startup offering some of the most cutting-edge, science-backed technologies and methodologies available to help clients detox, recharge, regenerate, and optimize the body’s natural self-healing and self-regulating function.

Caoilfhionn Roche

Keelin came to asana after a severe back injury that she had been nurturing since she was 12 years old. With an athletic-based background, she first struggled with the physical practice because of the limited range of her spine, and her tendency to move into that competition mindset. Little did she know, the practice would open her mind and body to a new kind of strength, focus, and love. Her passion grew as she continued to learn more about the anatomy of the postures, and this then grew into her study of the spiritual, breath, and mindfulness practices. Combining the physical and spiritual attributes of the journey is something she continues to work on, and bring to her personal practice and classes. Keelin completed her E-RYT PYTT certification in 2014, and teaches various styles of yoga: Yin, Yinyasa, Power, Vinyasa, and Buti. She fell deeply in love with learning and teaching, and the practice has taken her around the world, from the midwest to Canada, Central America, Europe, and beyond. Keelin is a student first and foremost, and hopes that in her classes the sense of community will create an environment where there is equal give and receive, learning and teaching, so that everyone leaves with a sense of joy, peace, and a desire to learn more. 🙂

Cary Barnett

After 35 years working in politics and government, in 2010 Cary became a dedicated daily Bikram yoga practitioner. Finding new vitality and wellness in the practice, in 2018 Cary enrolled in the Raja Yoga Academy and earned her certification to teach the Hot Hatha Therapeutic 26 &2 Yoga series. She has been teaching in the hot room ever since.
Aiming to embody its values and spread its health and wellness benefits, and finding great joy in witnessing the transformation that occurs with yoga, Cary brings professional and personal experience to her teaching. Cary holds space for everyone who comes in and is welcoming and encouraging to all.

Jessica Walters

Jessica has been a practicing yogi for well over a decade and teaching at Haute Bodhi since 2017.  Outside of the studio she continues to live a fitness focused life as a personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist.  If you’re feeling stiff and are looking for the most relaxing total body stretch, come try her yin class.  Looking to hear a different dialogue for your 26.2 class?  She’s bringing it your way.  Jessica mindfully approaches movement patterns and can also pickle that!

Liz Calvin

Liz is our youngest instructor, currently finishing up her final year at American University. Her passion for Hot Pilates and Yoga began just after the Covid pandemic, when she was home in Pennsylvania. Liz credits much of her love for this incredible practice to Drip 105 in Camp Hill, PA, where she was shown the value of dedicating time everyday to yourself. She began her certification preparation in the spring of 2022 and was certified by early fall, when she then began teaching alongside Maggie. The combination of what she learned from her PA instructors mixed with the lessons she continues to learn from Maggie has allowed her to become a fun, passionate and caring instructor. Maggie gave Liz the final tools she needed to begin teaching her own classes by showing her new techniques, strategies and skills. Since January 2023, Liz has taught Hot Pilates at our studio and loved every single second of it.

Debbie Nachmann

Debby has been a hot yoga instructor in and around Washington, D.C. since 2003. She is trained in Bikram and Vinyasa styles of yoga and is grateful for all the teachers she has studied under. Debby believes in yoga as a therapy to heal the body from injury and chronic disease, and to heal the mind from stress and anxiety. She motivates students to find greater awareness, presence, and a deeper acceptance of themselves on their mat, so they can find more joy and satisfaction off their mat. Debby is honored to be able to share the gift of yoga with so many people.