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Ease Into Hot Yoga With Warm Vinyasa Yoga at Haute Bodhi in Washington DC

Room heated to 100 Degrees.

There are so many reasons to practice hot yoga. It helps to increase flexibility, boost metabolism, enhance energy and even aids in detoxification; however, hot yoga can be difficult, especially if your body has a hard time adjusting to the heat. Luckily though, if you’re looking to ease yourself into hot yoga, Haute Bodhi Hot Yoga — located in the heart of Tenleytown in Washington DC — has the perfect class for you. Our Warm Vinyasa class is performed in a room heated to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and it’s the perfect stepping stone into hot yoga.

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Every yoga practice needs a good Vinyasa flow.

There are many different types of yoga, and every type is beneficial in its own way. Vinyasa, more than any other type of yoga, is focused on incorporating movement and breath, and it consists of a sequence of movements that flow smoothly into one another. Because Vinyasa is geared so much toward combining the movement with the breath, it requires a whole other level of concentration, and it makes practitioners fully aware of their breath. This added focus on breathing comes with numerous benefits, including stress relief, metabolism regulation and detoxification. Furthermore, since Vinyasa involves constant movement, it’s also a great cardiovascular workout. And, best of all, since our Vinyasa class is performed in a warmer room, it will help to maximize the benefits of your practice even more.

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Whether you’re interested in our Warm Vinyasa Flow class because you want to ease yourself into practicing hot yoga or because you’re looking to experience the many benefits of including Vinyasa Flow in your practice, our class is the best in Washington DC. We offer a variety of class times and affordable rates.

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